• Main tools


    This tool contains students main data, to facilitate control on the part of the teacher.

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    TsN main tool. It contains two main functions basic for teachers making possible for them to mark and keep personal notes.

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    This tool is a complete, modifiable map of student gradings.

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  • Main tools


    This tools allows the teacher to control the students number of absences.

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    With this tool you may configure the class schedule and keep it always at hand.

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    Class Diary

    Essential tool to review the syllabus or keep updated any class event.

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  • Features

    This tool aims to facilitate the Teacher's work allowing him/her to:

      Mark, calculate, modify and examine all gradings with different tools, easily configured and adaptable to your needs.
    • • Keep control of attendance, even in each assessment period.
    • • Keep all student cards organized by groups, besides their personal data: contact, tutors, office hours ordered by date, personal notes, etc.
    • • Create security copies of all data saved in your device, or even in a file sent to your email account.
    • • Access to your Google agenda, and set syllabus, meetings, assessment periods, etc. Also to display the school calendar of your region (available for free in our web page).
    • • A 4-level check box ready to indicate temporal tasks in each student.
    • • Keep a class diary for each group.
    • • Keep at hand an easy-to-configure class schedule.

  • Introducing data

    There are three way of introducing students data in TsN application:

    A. Using the Import Tool STUDENT TABLES (open)
    B. Using the online tool in our web (open)

    C. Using the application box named Configuration.

    From your own PC, you could introduce all your students. Then, you may order their names within the different courses created in your smartphone, Note-tablet, or tablet. Its usage is quite easy, you just have to introduce the data in our web and then to export them to your email account. Finally, they have to be imported from the Security Copies tool in the application.

    Warning: Data will disappear if you close the web, the session expires or if the system detects a period of inactivity of 5 minutes or more.
    Important: To comply with data protection regulation (Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de Diciembre) personal data will be removed and deleted from our server as soon as the file is generated and sent.

    Alternatively you can introduce data is using the application tools available at Configuration Menu. > > >


  • Introduction

    Teacher's Notebook is an application for Android operating system valid for smartphones, note-tablet, and tablet fomats. It has been designed and supervised by a professional team of professors from Andalusia, Castilla La Mancha, and Extremadura.

    The main goal of this tool is to serve as a help with the faculty's daily tasks, as it simplifies and optimizes the teacher's everyday labor. This application aims to replace the traditional paper-format notebooks of teachers , which are used to manage courses and students data.

    Basically, TsN allows to compile data in class (as in traditional notebooks) but also to elaborate automatically grading and calculations and arithmetic means means (as in a PC). Also, it allows the user to interact with class schedules and to arrange a personal and professional, among other facilities. Everything has been designed to offer an easy, intuitive usage. .

    The application has a free Lite version, limited to two groups. The Pro version, for an unlimited number of groups, it is available at a price of 4€


    Our application takes into account the importance of the data introduced.

    Thus, it is advisable to make security copies frequently. There two possibilities to do this: right from a device or from an email.

    If your device gets lost, it is stolen or destructed, you will be able to download the program for free and you may get your last security copy in your email account, restoring all the courses, students, gradings, remarks, etc.




    You can make security copies (Backups) in your device or your email account and then import them. Every Backups will contain ALL data introduced. You can also import student data files generated with our web tool. Every file type will appear with a different name and icon. web. Cada tipo de archivo se visualiza con un icono y nombre diferente.
    Backups:Datos :
    If you import a Backups all the data previously introduced in the system will be deleted and replaced for those of the Backups. This action keeps your terminal/s updated in a single step. If you import data generated with our web tool, those data will be added to the already existing ones and nothing will be deleted (recommended when adding a number of students).




    To create a course go to Configuration Menu pressing the following buttons from Main Menu:

    and introduce data in the following order:
    1.- Edit Course
    2.- Edit Assessments (of that course)
    3.- Edit Criteria (of that course)
    4.- Introduce students (of that course)

    Tip:Tip: Once a course is created you may use already introduced assessments, criteria, and students in order to elaborate and feed other courses.



    These are the functions available:

    • Defining percentage weight in each assessment (1/3 by default).
    • Defining the percentage of each criterion, always adding 100%. Also, modifying criteria already created.
    • Editing assessments order
    • Adding students to different courses
    • Also contacting by telephone or emailing straight from the student card.


    Tip: Once a course is created you may use already introduced assessments, criteria, and students in order to elaborate and feed other courses.

  • Students

    Access to this screen is possible once the course and corresponding student are selected.

    All main data are available from the card, besides the following functions:

    • • Access to office hours notebook
    • • See absences register
    • • Student grading/marks
    • • Review marks summary
    • • Write down personal remarks

    Also, phone calls to introduced numbers and emails are directly available.

  • Grading

    Through this tool, apart from grading students, apart from grading students, it is possible to keep temporal notes. These are two different and independent functions. To create temporal notes, first select a course. The interface will display the list of students. As it is shown in the example, each name has blue charts on its left that will change according to the meaning associated to each state. That is to say, a particular meaning can be associated to each state and applied to each student, to each criterion. For example: number of times the student goes u to the blackboard, or number of readings he/she performs in class, etc. All this features are recorded when using save icon.

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  • Grading


    Click on a student in the previous tool, and you will be reading to introduce his/her marks..

    The process is very simple: select the assessment, date and criterion. Then the mark is introduced, as the remarks/comments associated to that mark. Finally the mark is saved by clicking on the icon.

    Tip: You can go to next student preserving assessment, date, and criterion data. This facilitates a lot the task of saving different marks of the same exam/test. Please do not forget to save mark introduced before going to next student.


  • Marks

    This tool is a complete, modifiable map of student gradings.

    This tool allows to:

    • • Visualize the arithmetic mean of each assessment and final grade
    • • See marks details by criteria
    • • Delete and edit each mark or comment/remark Besides the grading criterion, it indicates:

    Besides the grading criterion, it indicates:

    • • The mark % on the total
    • • The number of gradings (within parentheses)


  • Attendance

    With this tool you can create an attendance sheet. Only date and assessment are needed. Then select absent student and finally save.

    The program keeps all the absences in each assessment and displays a list of absences with their corresponding dates.

    Note: the program selects current date by default. Teacher should select assessment.


  • Schedules

    With this tool you may configure the class schedule and keep it always at hand.

    The interface shows a chart where time zones, groups, and class can be defined. You just have to click on each cell.

    Group column is easily filled using the group list created during the program configuration.

    Note:: Each time you click on the schedule, it displays the current day of the week.




    Only available for Spanish calendars.

    If you wish to publish any other calendar, we will disclose it in this platform. You just have to create it, publish it, and indicate us the Calendar ID.

    School Calendar of Andalusia (Spain)
    ID de Calendar : v4k7u91a2bjvq61a0sa7em1pvc@group.calendar.google.com

    School Calendar of Madrid (Spain)
    ID de Calendar : ofd54rl3938eoqhkpp1ipm91s4@group.calendar.google.com

    School Calendar of Castilla la Mancha (Spain)
    ID de Calendar : 2qjk36hmm8tc56ir3tdtca6490@group.calendar.google.com

    School Calendar of Murcia(Spain)
    ID de Calendar : smcpismkcsmqvusls7rli9g7g4@group.calendar.google.com

    More calendars will be added in the near future. Last update 08/09/2012

  • Teacher's Notebook is an application continually improving. It is designed to facilitate teacher's daily task using new technologies.

    The application operating system, Android, is great for introducing new info and updates while preserving all data previously introduced.

    Besides, our team is delighted if you may help us to improve this tool, so please feel free to leave your questions, comments and suggestions at labeldroid@gmail.com

    If you want to receive regular updates and news please use our twitter @cuadernoprofe

    Many thanks.

  • Class Diary

    The application has a class diary available for each course configured. It also has a box of personal notes for each student, and a box for personal, office hours notes.

    There is also a box for remarks besides each mark/grading introduced.